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Smith College Photos were taken during 1991-1994. All have high resolution and may be purchased as prints (please click on "Smith Photos"). A selection is offered as Note Cards. 12 Folded Note Cards will have the photograph you choose on the outside, and a blank inside for your note (please click on "Smith Note Cards" ). All Smith photos were taken using film and a Nikkormat FTN SLR camera (1960s vintage).
10% of proceeds from all Smith photo and card purchases will be donated to Smith College Scholarships.

The other collections: "Look Out: Windows, Doors, Porches"; "Diner"; "Portraits"; and "Neighborhood/Kids/City" are a mix of film and digital photography. All are available for sale as prints, except for Portraits. I am available for commission work, please leave a message if interested.

About the collections and me
The collections this site are a mix of architecture, portraits, landscape, and more. The "Smith College" Photos might appeal to Smith alumnae, faculty, graduating seniors, and those who like architectural photography.

"Look Out": is a collection of views from windows, doors, and porches throughout New England. I love the way doors suggest both an opening and separation, and the way views are framed by windows and doors. And, I love porches as an opening, a transition, and, of course, a spot to read, sit and chat, watch, interact with the weather while protected, interact with the street & neighbors. "Diner" began from a photo taken during a research trip to the FDR library archives - I ate breakfast at the Eveready diner every morning, and, oddly, it is the only thing I photographed while in Hyde Park, NY. More diners, another iconic form of architecture, are being added. "Portraits" are all of friends, and are not for sale, but I thought it would be fun to show them. I think the best portraits are not formal, but relaxed and interactive, an attempt to show some of the individual's personality. Also here are Neighborhood, Kids, City, etc; and the start of a collection of Sculling/ Head of the Charles photographs and City Street Scenes.

I live in Cambridge, MA, a few blocks from the house in which I was born, and expect to stay here. If you like the portrait work, or other images, I am available to work locally (within a 1-2 hour drive of Cambridge, leave a message by using the comment button or the guest book, include your email.)

My formal training is in American History and Government, Public Policy, and Policy History. Previously, I have also been an offset printer, a building superintendent, a boat builder, sold and repaired bicycles, made medical instruments with a plastic extruder, coached, competed in sculling, was a development director for non-profit organizations and political candidates, consultant, and I have written about and taught political science and public policy.

I'd appreciate your comments, please leave reactions, thoughts, suggestions, etc., for any photo or collection you want, by using the in the "comments" button or the "guest book". Please also leave your email address with a comment.

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